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// train_of_thoughts (EN) · 21. November 2018
We have all been there. Assessing our professional situation, sighing and thinking: How do I get there? Wherever there is (If you haven’t had this experience, please write me an E-Mail, I must meet you.) More often than not, it seems like many people believe that trading a demanding, higher paying job for one that caters more to what you love is a necessity in order to find professional freedom. Today, I like to think we can have both. The secret, I believe, lies in understanding two concepts.

// train_of_thoughts (EN) · 19. Februar 2018
The first T of our mission statement at 3T Training. Talent.

// train_of_thoughts (EN) · 10. Februar 2018
The first series of blog entries here focuses on something everyone seems to be seeking: Success. What is "success"? For whom? How do we make "it" happen? In this article, I'll tell you the ten things that I realized along the way.

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